Security Solutions

Tailor-made security solutions (Smart fences and enhanced perimeter monitoring).

House and yard control systems

extended IoT solutions.

Comfort and lifestyle

Smart gardening ,watering ,outdoor pools, water supply, filtration and management systems

Energy & Management

Solar powering and intelligent yard management solutions.

About us

Smart home Solutions is a developed activity by Santaka Cluster business association of companies that offer a smart solution for home interior and exterior management.
We focus on personalized and tailored solutions for homeowners and communities to uplift their real estate value with smart integrated systems of interior and exterior management.
Remember Smart Home solutions? Welcome to SMART HOME SOLUTION.

Santaka cluster project members:


Aqua spektras

VR Electric

Plastic formo

Mare Transport

Ferox Baltic



Baltic Sandbox

Digital Innovation Center

Contact us

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home. We can also help you find an Ingenious partner in your area.

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    Ltd. „Mare Transport“ has started implementing the project funded by European Regional Development Fund called “Export development of Santaka cluster” No. 03.2.1-LVPA-K-807-02-0025

    Budget of the project: EUR 501.826,89, of which the EU share is: EUR 304.382,89

    Start of the implementation of the project activities: 4th of September 2019

    Expected end of activities: 31st of July 2022

    The goal of the project: Involvement of SMEs operating in Santaka cluster in international network chains in order to find new export markets for their products.

    Main task of the project: To involve Santaka cluster in international network chains in order to increase the added value of the sectors of plastic and metal products.


    Santaka cluster which is operating since the year of 2016 aims to increase the quality and efficiency of the export income of the products of Lithuanian origin jointly produced by the members to new export directions. The members of the cluster focus on the development of products based on R&D and ecological design principles and cooperation with foreign partners by integrating innovations into the creation of products of Lithuanian origin. Activities of the project will mainly be focused on international networks, creation of new international networks and production. Membership in international networks will allow the cluster to enter international markets. Moreover, experience will be exchanged and potential partners for international cooperation will be sought. Project activities are and will be focused on creating and strengthening new export markets and directions as well as establishing sustainable business relations with foreign partners.